Healthcare Giveaways & Promotions

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The Viral HealthcareGiveaways Engine


Healthcare Giveaways & Promotions That Cause Your Healthcare Business To Go Viral!

Utilizing The Latest Gamification and Artificial Intelegence Technology (Used To Power The Viral Growth Of Mega-Companies Like AirBNB and DropBox) We Create Viral Giveaways That Bring In Hundreds Of New Patient/Client Leads In Weeks … Not Months.

Healthcare giveaways and promotions

HealthcareLead Generation

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Billion Dollar Technology

Our Giveaway Technology Is The Same Gamification Technology Used By Billion Dollar Tech Giants!

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Healthcare Lead Generation Results That Normally Takes Months, In Only A Couple Weeks!

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Our Team Will Handle The Entire Giveaway Campaign From Start-To-Finish!

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The Leads Generated From Your Viral Giveaway Campaign Are Exclusively Yours! 

Our Expert Team Can Handle It All For You



Brand Building

We can help you narrow down & focus your brand to better achieve your desired goals, and create a more clear & organized Brand Identity


Brand Assets

Our team can help create all your Brand Assets including press kits, logos, websites, social media content, & more


Brand Security

We actively monitor your brand and brand assets to make sure no one infringes on your brand identity or content


Brand Authority

Our team of PR experts can help make sure that you and your brand are seen as the top Authority in your field, both on a local and national level